Fantasy Imaging

Heads On Bodies

Get the body you’ve always wanted
without having to work for it!

Transform you guests into their favourite characters from stage or screen, allow them to play alongside their sporting heroes, or give them the body they’ve always wanted!

Our Heads on Bodies photographic entertainment system is the high-tech descendent of the seaside cut out board, using the latest computer software to crop, adjust and seamlessly superimpose your guest’s faces into any one of hundreds of full colour images.

Our professional and friendly staff will ensure that guests strike the correct pose to fit in with their chosen scene, and the whole process can be streamed live to overhead monitors for onlookers to watch the often hilarious results, making Heads on Bodies a highly enjoyable and engaging choice of event entertainment.

Our high capacity printers mean that your guests can have their finished photographs within seconds complete with your brand logo, and our on-site social networking service allows your guests to immediately upload and share their images, taking your brand out there to thousands of people and getting them talking about your event whilst it is still underway.

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